"My Life So Far..."

Saturday, January 29, 2005 at 7:21 AM

empty... lost... depressed... sad...

empty. my life is empty. there is no reason to live. there is no reason to wake up every morning and do your duties. nothing seems right. everything seems pointless.

lost. i am lost. truly lost. i keep on treading the road of life with no exact point of destination.

depressed. i am under a phase that seemed no cure. i am laughing, yes, but the truth is i am crying. i am physically present but mentally my mind is elsewhere. i can tell a story or two but inside i feel like shit!

sad. i cry myself to sleep. every waking moment, especially when i'm alone, seems hell. i cant even spend a minute without memories haunting me.

right now i am empty. i am lost. i am depressed. and i am sad. i dont know what to do. dont know who to turn to. my whole world revolved in this one person. i am the planet and he is the axis. he is gone right now. suddenly my world stopped revolving. and i dont i dont know if things will be the same when he comes back. but right now, i lost my reason for breathing. i lost my purpose. he is the only thing that make me want to wake up in the morning.

my relationships with other people have been compromised. i have lost focus. i resort to constantly being drunk because i like the feeling you had when alcohol numbs your senses. even for a short while i forget how miserable my life is.

maybe you can help me? this is a cry for help. if you could answer my questions. then certainly you could help me.

why am i feeling this way? is this the way it supposed to feel when the one you almost gave up everything for leaves you?

Blogger complicated dude said...


welcome back friend! now i know why you're not writing all this time. which i could really help you. if i can make him come back here, i really will.

but as they say, life goes on... its just that way, no other way but the hard way.

hope ur good.  


Blogger dorian gray said...

i cant thank you enough for all the things that you have done for me. im so lucky to have you. im so blessed with your friendship. god bless, my friend.  


Blogger lunaticbeauty said...

you are not lost nor sad.
you just want him back.
wake up girl!!!
isipin mo naman ang sarili mo... :(  


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