"My Life So Far..."

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at 4:27 AM

what a way to start my blog!

what a way to start my day. i was almost late for work. my head hurts. so bad i guess it would split in two! while in my head i was reliving what happened last night. last night,i had the biggest argument in my life. biggest? i guess my life depends on that discussion. as usual, i was the one who is loss for words. i wasnt able to defend my side. i was intimidated. and i left. i wasnt sure if i can go back again. god knows how much i wanted to. anyway, i went off work early. i told them that my throat hurts. where in reality it is me who is really hurting. i am lost. dont know what to do. my life is so complicated and all tangled-up, i dont know which one to fix...

welcome to my world!

Blogger complicated dude said...

there will come a time in our lives when all that's in front of us is a crossroad - where we could go either left or right, straight ahead or dwell back in the past. you arrived in that place right now. decide... which one? nobody knows but you. follow your heart, dorian.  


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