"My Life So Far..."

Thursday, December 09, 2004 at 6:46 AM

chapter I

i was doing great before you came. my life centered only to one thing-- my friends. i was okay. i was carefree... hakuna matata! i can do things i want. i can laugh. i can sing. im fine. im free...

sure i have my ups and downs. but i still seem to go along. no matter what, i kept on treading.

i was busy living my life, one day at a time. i tried to guard myself. tried to protect me from the harshness and pain. on the journey to my so-called life, there was something on the road i did not see. i stumbled and i fell. i didnt see the pothole lying there!

okay. im not fine. i tried to cope with what the wicked world throws at me. i tried to be strong but deep inside i am weak. i tried to be brave but im trembling. tried to laugh but in reality i am crying. tried to smile but inside i am hurting. tried to tell myself that i would better off alone but when i fell on that pothole, it told me otherwise.

the world around me changed. there are colors everywhere. i began to see the world in a new light. i felt happiness i have never known before. just thinking about it makes me smile. for the first time i was happy. i felt complete. i felt i dont need to guard myself. after a long time, i put my defenses down again.

i was happy, indeed. my priorities changed. my world revolved in a new and different axis. it was like a dream. after all the things that has happened to me, i never thought i would be this again. i never thought that this would happen. thankful? i guess i am. because... i dont know.

Blogger complicated dude said...


most of the time, its unfair as it is but there's no other way but to deal with it...

hope ur good!  


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